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First introduced in 1985 and constantly improved since then, SEASOFT Weight Belts™ have been purchased by hundreds of thousands of divers because they are the most comfortable, softest and stretchiest weight belt money can buy!  

With a 4 year "if any lead comes out, your SEASOFT Weight Belt is repaired or replaced" guarantee, a diching guarantee, and the only weight belt that is depth compensating (it stretches!), 8 beautiful colors, and the incredible comfort; if you are going to wear a weight belt, it should say SEASOFT on it!

To save on shipping costs, all SEASOFT Weight Belt orders will be shipped in United States Postal Priority Flat Rate Boxes.

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Why should you buy a SEASOFT Weight Belt™?

We patented the world’s first soft weight belt in 1985 and have constantly improved it since then. SEASOFT Weight Belts™ have been purchased by hundreds of thousands of satisfied divers. Consisting of corrosion-resistant lead shot sealed inside two expandable rubber tubes, these belts are covered in high-density neoprene for amazing comfort and durability with a solid stainless steel buckle and slide.


Our weight belts are famous for their toughness, too, with a 4 year warranty: If any lead shot is accidentally released for any reason from your SEASOFT Weight Belt™, we will repair or replace it – period.  This warranty even extends to rental belts: try to out-abuse rental weight belts!

To save on shipping costs and to get you your order faster with insurance, all SEASOFT Weight Belt orders will be shipped in United States Postal Priority Flat Rate Boxes.

 How to wear a SEASOFT Weight Belt™:  

SEASOFT Weight Belts stretch!  In order to get the full benefit of this feature, adjust the two weight tubes so that they are 6-12 inches apart at the front.  Now stretch the two tubes toward each other by pulling the long piece of webbing throught the buckle.  When the weight belt has stretched 4-8 inches (depending on the size of the belt and YOU) push the buckle release lever down (close the buckle) to bind the webbing.  

The SEASOFT Weight Belt should be pulling toward you!  If this does not work as described, either take out or take in webbing through the slide in the back of the belt.  The SEASOFT Weight Belt is designed to adjust to fit any size waist.

Message from Bruce Justinen, President of SEASOFT SCUBA:  “I’ve taught hundreds of “Buoyancy Control and Proper Weighting Seminars” all over the world in the last 25 years.  Here is what I and other instructors recommend:

1. Divide your weights up.  Use a smaller weight belt (4-20 lbs.), as your “primary” ditching method, and your BC's weight integration as your “secondary”.  Your ditchable weights should represent 50-70% of your total weight package.  Important: seek the advice of your instructor or SEASOFT dealer for the weight package that's right for you! 

2. Diving will be more comfortable because you have less weight on your waist AND your BC. 

3. Diving is safer when you ditch a lower percentage of your weights in an emergency because you will have a "moderated" ascent instead of an abrupt, uncontrolled ascent. This diminishes your risk of an air expansion injury. 

4. Entanglement is an issue!   It is very difficult or impossible to take a BC off that contains all your weights and cut yourself free while wearing a wetsuit or drysuit.

If you’re not using the above method for diving safety and comfort, we invite you to buy a SEASOFT Weight Belt™ and start today!

Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30 and 35 lb. sizes.   All SEASOFT weight products are also available in kilogram marked graphics. 

Colors Red; Neon Yellow; Hot Pink; Turquiose; Royal Blue; Neon Green; Purple; Black;

Care: SEASOFT Weights are filled with lead shot that is coated with multiple coats of graphite. These coats of graphite are meant to protect you and the environment.  In order to achieve this all SEASOFT Weight Belts™ and SEASOFT Ankle Weights™ must be hung to dry.  When they are not hung to dry the water will eventually corrode through the graphite and oxidize the lead.  Help us help you by hanging your SEASOFT Weight Belts and Ankle Weights to dry.

Ditching Guarantee:  We have had our FAMOUS DITCHING GUARANTEE now since 1987.  "IF you have to ditch your weight belt in any emergency, you get a NEW one for half price!"   Here is how it works!  You have to:

1.  Write out what happened.  Have it signed by you and your dive buddy and get this notarized!

2.  Send this notarized statement in with your original proof of purchase or a letter from the store where you bought it.

3.  Send payment for 1/2 of the retail price for a new weight belt.

4.  We send you a new weight belt!



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