SEASOFT Ankle Weights 3 lb. each (Pair)

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SEASOFT Ankle Weights 3 lb. each (Pair)

As divers, we have seen the slow migration of weights and equipment as they move from the waist area to the upper body.  BCs have gotten shorter and where a weight belt was once around your waist, the weight pockets in your BC are up against your rib cage.  The results of this has been the slow but sure elevation of the legs as they have gone up and up.  This creates HYDRO DRAG!  Hydro drag is the resistance caused by you, your equipment and suit as they move forward thru the water.  Water is 800 X more dense than air so when you interact with water you want as much HYDRO DYNAMIC efficiency as possible, and less HYDRO DRAG.  The more efficient you are when interrupting the flow of water over you, your gear and your drysuit the:

1. More air you will have. 

2. Longer your bottom times will be. 

3. Less fatigue you will feel and you will feel like you have more energy.

4. Increase you will find in your underwater speed will be substantial and natural so you can see more or less on a dive. Your decision.

5. You become a better buddy!  Faster, more efficient, and less likely to be the "weak link" in the buddy pair up.

Some divers have tried to cure "Legs Up" by diving with:

1. Little air in their suit to avoid the movement of air; this is almost exclusively a shell suit issue.

2. Because of the above they get thicker, warmer and more expensive undergarments that help keep them warm in the "squeeze".  The SQUEEZE is the absence of any measurable air in their drysuit.  (Isn't it air that is supposed to keep us warm?)

So finally they try:

Adding ankle weights to their ankles as a last resort because they have tried everything else.  They find this works as they remove weight from the upper half of the body and put weight on the bottom half, doubling the benefit of the ankle weights.  This brings the legs that were catching hundreds of lbs. of water DOWN,  inline with the body and helps you vastly improve your HYDRODYNAMIC EFFICIENCY!

IMPORTANT: When you move 6 lbs. from the top 1/2 of the diver to the ankles (the lower half) you have actually transferred 12 lbs.  ( -6 from TOP  and +6 to the BOTTOM  for a net weight transfer of 12 lbs.)   It's like if you were having a tug of war and you got a new person on your team and the other team lost a person.  It would then be as if you have gained TWO people.


Your AUTHORIZED SEASOFT DEALER can assist you in finding dive gear that is warm, comfortable and more HYDRODYNAMICALLY EFFICIENT!


SEASOFT Ankle Weights™ are available in 1 lb., 1.5 lb., 2 lb., 3 lb. (each) for diving  & a 5 lb. (each)  for commercial use.

SEASOFT Ankle Weights 3 lb. each (Pair)

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Why should you buy these SEASOFT 3 lb. Ankle Weights?

The SEASOFT 3 lb. (each) Ankle Weights would be useful for commercial divers and those that dive shell (bag) suits who have trouble keeping their legs down or have a lot of migration of air to their legs.  The extra weight of the SEASOFT 3 lb. Ankle Weights is perfect for these tasks.

Another situation where the SEASOFT 3 lb. Ankle Weights might be useful is when you have too much weight toward the upper part of the body and you want to transfer a larger portion of the weight to the lower part of the body.

The SEASOFT 3 lb. Ankle Weights are used by a lot of divers is as a make-shift NON-DITCHABLE tank weight.  One and sometimes two of the ankle weights can be snapped around the top of the tank.

And of course we sell a lot of SEASOFT 3 lb. Ankle Weights to commercial divers who are not using fins at all who are using one and sometimes two sets to hold their feet to the bottom as they move to accomplish their different responsibities.

The SEASOFT Ankle Weights 3 lb. each (Pair) are a product designed to accomplish a specific task, check with your Authorized SEASOFT Dealer to ensure that the SEASOFT 3 lb.  (each) ankle weights are the right product for you.

How they are made: All SEASOFT Ankle Weights use a top quality 3 mm medium density neoprene designed for long lasting wear and abrasion resistance.  We use size 7.5 lead shot that has been tumbled in black graphite to coat the lead with several layers against corrosion to protect you and the environment.  We use a high strength curved side-release buckle that is guaranteed for life against breakage.  All our ankle weights are warranted for 4 years against any lead coming out on any seam.  

Care: Please hang your SEASOFT Ankle Weights to dry after every use.  If you do not the water will corrode through the graphite over time and the lead will start to corrode.  If you hang your ankle weights to dry the graphite will remain intact and protect you and the environment.

SEASOFT Ankle Weights™ are the best selling ankle weights in the world with many sizes and colors and are an important part of a diver’s total weight system:

1) Your diving position is important to good diving skills, being horizontal with a slightly legs up attitude is correct. Some divers dive with their legs too high causing excessive drag. SEASOFT Ankle Weights can be used to correct this.

2) Drysuit divers often require ankle weights because the legs of a drysuit are filled with air and can cause the legs to be much too high creating high drag.

3) If you have more weight toward the head then the legs will tend to go up. More BCs have the weight and trim pockets closer to the head, causing the legs to float too high, leading to excessive hydro-drag.

SEASOFT Ankle Weights™ are available in 1 lb., 1.5 lb., 2 lb., 3 lb. (each) for diving  & a 5 lb. (each)  for commercial use.

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