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    THE "NEW" SEAWOLF™ Weight Harness


    The SEASOFT SEAWOLF™ Weight Harness is designed for divers who need a large amount of weight to attain neutral buoyancy OR who have problems wearing a conventional weight belt.  

    The SEASOFT SEAWOLF™ Weight Harness is completely adjustable on every plane.  It can be lengthened, shortened, and the weight pockets can be moved and positioned forward and backward on the 2" webbing waist belt.  Each pocket is capable of holding up to 30 lbs. of weights.

    Simply pull the YELLOW handles for gravity assisted ditching in any emergency!  

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  2. Weight Belt

    SEASOFT Weight Belts™


    First introduced in 1985 and constantly improved since then, SEASOFT Weight Belts™ have been purchased by hundreds of thousands of divers because they are the most comfortable, softest and stretchiest weight belt money can buy!  

    With a 4 year "if any lead comes out, your SEASOFT Weight Belt is repaired or replaced" guarantee, a diching guarantee, and the only weight belt that is depth compensating (it stretches!), 8 beautiful colors, and the incredible comfort; if you are going to wear a weight belt, it should say SEASOFT on it!

    To save on shipping costs, all SEASOFT Weight Belt orders will be shipped in United States Postal Priority Flat Rate Boxes.

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    Here is a short video on SEASOFT's SEAVUE Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal!   https://youtu.be/5Ljr8Zq2D4A

    SEASOFT’s SEAVUE 2 fl. oz. Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal™ Features:

    • The only mask scrub to be engineered to work with ALL dive masks.  

    • Works with Anti-reflective Coatings.

    • Includes both Calcium Carbonate and Natural Flaxseed Meal for maximum yet gently lens cleaning.

    • Will not scratch glass.

    • No need to push down hard, gently clean with easy pressure in circular motions.

    • Rinses away with warm, clear water.

    • Pleasing “Pina Colada” scent.

    • Easy to use 2 fl oz. size.

    SEASOFT’s SEAVUE Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal™ Specifications


    A Mask Scrub engineered to work with ALL dive masks.

    Mask Types:    

    Regular dive lenses, Anti-reflective coated lenses.

    Residues Removed:

    • mold release residues

    • chemical compounds

    • compounds left behind by assembly people

    • the uneven application of metal oxides that comprise Anti-reflective Coatings

    Active Ingredients:    

    Calcium Carbonate and Natural Flaxseed Meal in a mild detergent.


    Gentle application of mask scrub in circular motions


    Pleasing “Pina Colada” scent.


    2 fl. oz. (60 ml)

    Manufacturer’s Part #:


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  4. SEASOFT's SeaGLU 2oz., 8 oz. Wetsuit Adhesive and SEAGLU 2 oz.Repair Kit

    SEASOFT's SeaGLU 2oz., 8 oz. Wetsuit Adhesive and SEAGLU 2 oz.Repair Kit


    Watch a short video about SEASOFT's SEAGLU™ Wetsuit Adhesive!   https://youtu.be/kmgmC0yCTU8

    There is a detailed video on Youtube.com that describes, in detail, how to use the repair kit to fix a tear in a wetsuit or drysuit.  You can find it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z5I4_wLtlM     You can also find it in the video section of this website.

    Why should you buy SEASOFT's SeaGLU or SeaGLU Repair Kit?

    SEASOFT's SeaGLU™ is the the adhesive used by the world's best manufacturers to make their wetsuits and other neoprene products.  It is simply the best.  We have been using this adhesive here at SEASOFT for more than 20 years and we know you will have the same success we do.  SeaGLU™ is an easy to use and quick to set up adhesive that works with all watersport neoprene.

    From Bruce Justinen, president of SEASOFT SCUBA, "More than 20 years ago I was diving in Canada and tore my neoprene drysuit.  A fellow diver handed me a jar of black neoprene glue and I repaired my suit.  I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how fast it cured.  Now a couple of decades later this Canadian company is recognized as the premier manufacturer of wetsuit and drysuit glues in the world.  Having made continuous upgrades to their glues over that long period of time their glues are used by most of the best wetsuit and drysuit companies.  We now are selling that same wetsuit adhesive: SeaGLU™ is available for YOUR repair."

    SeaGLU™ is a fantastic adhesive that comes packaged in a metal container with an integrated brush built into the handle.  SeaGLU™ has a long shelf life due to the metal container that does not allow the glue solvents to migrate through the walls like they do in plastic containers.  Just keep the lid tightly closed.

    Part #: 003-014  SeaGLU 2 oz. Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive in metal can with integrated brush

                003-015 REPAIR KIT  - SeaGLU™ 2 oz. Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive with a 6" x 6" 3.5 mm high quality neoprene patch.

                003-018 SeaGLU 8 oz. DIVE STORE Size Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive


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  5. SEASOFT's Environmentally Sealed Lead Shot SEABAGS!!!

    SEASOFT's Environmentally Sealed Lead Shot SEABAGS!!!


    Here is a video with valuable information presented by SEASOFT SCUBA's founder Bruce Justinen.  https://youtu.be/htxpjlBV3Z0

    Why should you buy these SEASOFT SEABAGS™?

    SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are our ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED lead shot filled bags made of super strong, high-density neoprene.  No more poisonous lead slurry pouring out of your lead shot bags.

    These bags are closed with an industrial serger sewing machine and straight-stitched with a walking foot sewing sewing machine for extra strength. These 5 threads of thick 100% nylon protect the seams from opening up, even with rough treatment.  Go ahead and throw a SEABAG into the ground, it won't break open! They are guaranteed for 2 years against the seams coming open!

    ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED LEAD SHOT: All of the Size 7.5 lead shot that goes into all SEASOFT’s lead products is coated with A SPECIAL CATALYST, when this cayalyst encounters graphite it creates a hard graphite shell to ensure that you and the environment is protected.  SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are built to easily fit into weight-integrated BCs and its other weight carrying products because it is so soft and pliable.  

    SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 lb. sizes.  Now, NEW 1 lb. SEABAGS!

    CARE: SEABAGS should be dried with the main seam facing down to allow any water inside the SEABAG to drain out.  The graphite shell will protect your lead from corrosion for years as long as you protect the graphite from long exposure to water.  You must rinse and immediately drain the SEABAGS with the seam down.  If not the lead will start to oxidize in about 2 years!  Help us help you - rinse and drain!

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  6. Pro Weight Belt

    SEASOFT PRO Weight Belts™


    The SEASOFT PRO™ Series was developed for instructors, divemasters, and hard-core divers that dive often. These divers  are in the water whenever they can be!

    You should always divide your weights between your BC and a weight belt.

    The SEASOFT PRO™ Series of weight belts and ankle weights are made of DINA-HIDE™ neoprene, one of the strongest abrasion resistant materials. If you are a hard core diver the SEASOFT PRO™ Series is for you!

    To save on shipping costs, all PRO Series orders will be shipped in United States Postal Priority Flat Rate Boxes.

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  7. SEASOFT Ankle Weights™ 1 lb. each (Pair) Pink

    SEASOFT Ankle Weights 1 lb. each (Pair)


    SEASOFT's 1 lb. (each) Ankle Weights are our smallest size of ankle weight. 

    Popular with smaller divers, snorkelers and some neoprene drysuit divers, the SEASOFT 1 lb. (each) Ankle Weights are used to offset the extra buoyancy of the air found in the legs of some of the thinner, hybrid neoprene drysuits.  

    They are also used often by knowledgeable snorkelers to keep their fins IN the water instead of having them slapping the TOP of the water.  A lot of snorkel divers don't see fish because they scare them away with the constant "splashing" of their fins on the surface.

    FREE divers can also benefit from 1 or 1.5 lb. SEASOFT Ankle Weights because it can help them level off at depth.

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  8. SEASOFT Ankle Weights 1.5 lb. each (Pair) Pink

    SEASOFT Ankle Weights 1.5 lb. each (Pair)


    SEASOFT Ankle Weights 1.5 lb. each (Pair)  are the best selling size of ankle weights.  They are popular with drysuit divers to offset the positive buoyancy of the air inside the legs of drysuits.   

    With the advent of weight integrated BCs and steel tanks, the upper body of most divers will tend to dive lower than the legs.  This can produce hydrodrag when the tank and legs are not following the upper body.   When you wear ankle weights you transfer some of the weight which helps brings the legs into alignment and assists in eliminating unneccessary hydrodrag.

    Women, in particular, because they are often shortwaisted, will have their weights located higher on their upper body.  Because of this, their diving alignment  is thrown more out of balance and ankle weights are even more important as a tool to correct this imbalance.

    Water is 800 times more dense than air so hydrodrag can seriously cost you in speed, air consumption, fatigue and bottom time. 

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  9. Ankle Weights

    SEASOFT Ankle Weights 2 lb. each (Pair)


    SEASOFT Ankle Weights 2 lb. each (Pair) Learn More
  10. SEASOFT PRO SERIES™ Ankle Weights

    SEASOFT PRO Ankle Weights in 1, 1.5, 2 & 3 lb. Sizes

    Starting at: $34.98

    Why should you buy the PRO Series Ankle Weights by SEASOFT?

    The SEASOFT PRO SERIES™ was developed for instructors, divemasters and hard-core divers that dive often.  The SEASOFT PRO SERIES™ of weight belts and ankle weights are made of super abrasion resistant DINA-HIDE™ neoprene for long lasting durability.  They last.  

    So with the PRO Series Ankle Weights by SEASOFT you get the same great ankle weights but you get the longevity of DINA-HIDE™ and the knowledge that they will last and last and last.  SEASOFT PRO Ankle Weights are warranted against wear through for 4 years!  No one else would even think about a warranty like that!  Available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 lb. each

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