Face shields for: 1. Consumers 2. Hospitals, Clinics and other healthcare facilities. 3. Schools, Universities, Private and Public 4. Businesses - BUILD YOUR BRAND!

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  1. SEA SHIELD™ Face Shields for Consumers

    SEA SHIELD™ Face Shields for Consumers



    SEASOFT MEDICAL SUPPLY is a new company started by a company with 36 years of experience designing and manufacturing scuba diving equipment.  SEASOFT SCUBA is known for innovation, research and development, and the engineering of products that exceed the expectations of its customers.  SEASOFT MEDICAL SUPPLY intends to follow this same ethos.

    We think you will find every one of our products to be worth your consideration.  We know that we are a minnow in a pool of whales and sharks but 36 years ago we were in the same deep waters of the scuba market.  We are in a 5,000 sq. ft. building with a clean, “white” room to build our innovative new products and we are ready to grow.  If you like what we are doing, try one of our products and tell us what you think.  We are always looking to get better!  Introducing the most comfortable face shield in the personal protection category.  Wait until you see what we did!


    What matters when you are choose a face shield?  Protection, of course, through innovation, materials and design!  The SEA SHIELD™ has multiple design characteristics that are unique to face shields. The way the foam and headband are attached to the facial shield uses an innovative technique used for manufacturing drysuits for commercial scuba divers. This unique atachment allows the SEA SHIELD's unique foam design to protect you for long periods of wear.  

    No more raw skin, no more pressure headaches and this design allows the shield to curve more readily from the sides to create a safer, more secure “fit”.  Your SEA SHIELD Face Shield will be wide enough, long enough, and curve enough so that eyeglasses, sunglasses and other eyewear can be worn without worry AND you are completely protected. You should have the RIGHT size and fit for the individual wearing the shield, so, the SEA SHIELD™ comes in FIVE sizes:

    • Adults - 11.75" W x 8.75" L Full Size Shield            
    • Adults - 11.75" W x 6.75" L  3/4 Length Shield.   
    • Middle School/Petit Adults - 10" W x 8" L Full Shield
    • Kids (5 to 11 years old) - 9" W x 7" L Full Shield.   
    • Pre-School (2 to 5 years old) - 8" W x 6.5" L   Full Shield
    If you have to wear a shield non-stop for 10 or 12 hour shift
    then comfort really, really matters. The materials matter, the
    design matters and anything, anything a manufacturer can
    do to make face shields more comfortable is truly appreciated
    by hard working medical professionals. The SEA SHIELD™
    Face Shield is a breakthrough in comfort, these aren’t just
    words; keep reading. The SEA SHIELD™ uses a combination
    of two foams to create extraordinary comfort.   
      A. A 1” high premium quality foam that will not break down, keeps its shape and form, will not roll and absorbs perspiration.
       B. Cooling, premium 1/2” high Cool Gel Memory Foam infused with temperature regulating gel to help regulate your temperature. This combination of these two different types of foam delivers an unparalleled level of comfort.  
      NO MORE:   
    • Sandpaper-like foam sawing at the skin of your forehead!      
    • Hot, burning foreheads.      
    • Headaches from the temple area where other shields create 
    constant pressure.      
     • Rolling or distortion of the foam as the shield is curved.      
     • HARD spots pushing against your forehead.         
     • Desire to put your face shield through a shredder.

    Get a SEA SHIELD™ Face Shield, get Memory Foam
    Matress Comfort - all day long!

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