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SEASOFT Ti PRO EDGE  5 / 3 & 3 / 1.5 mm Kevlar Gloves

SEASOFT Ti PRO EDGE 5 / 3 & 3 / 1.5 mm Kevlar Gloves

Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2020):
I just ordered two new pairs of SeaSoft gloves! I bought-in after my previous experience with the value, great design, and incredible durability of the SeaSoft Ti PRO. Most other dive diving glove brands fell apart quickly, thread came unravelled, ripped by barnacles, stabbed by Rockfish spines, lacerated by Lingcod teeth, and vice gripped by Dungeness crab. Sure I'm trying to be a little funny but these gloves are no joke! Plus, the above mentioned allegory comes from my true life experience spearfishing in the Pacific Northwest. If you are shopping for a dive glove, you can spend less but find yourself continually needing to replace your gear. I marveled at how long my first pair of Ti PROs lasted each time I washed my gear after diving. The two models I just purchased are the Ti PRO EDGE and the HUNTER. Stoked!