Message from the President

Thank you for visiting our website.  There is a lot of information available for you here and we are adding content all the time.

I want you to know we have spent hundreds of hours working to make this site a place with all the info on SEASOFT's products.  It also offers nuggets of useful knowledge and you just may learn something new that might surprise you.

I have been drysuit diving for almost 35 years now and I still love cold water diving. I have over 5,000 drysuit dives under my weight belt yet I see so many people who do not even consider it.

How much they are missing!  

Not just the diving, which offers better visabiity and is less crowded in the fall, winter and early spring.  But the fun to be had with others, the amazing adventures and great times we have together.

Enjoy year round diving, it is a blast, and drysuits make it possible.  We are proud that 2 of SEASOFT's drysuits beat out virtually every manufacturer in a head to head competition.

For more than 3 decades now it’s been my privilege and challenge to lead and grow SEASOFT into a company that divers trust to design and engineer their dive equipment.  

And it’s also been my privilege to introduce hundreds of people to the amazing world of diving along the way and to watch them marvel at the incredible underwater world that our Creator has so generously given us! 



But life isn’t always white sand beaches and amazing dive trips.  There’s also the dark side of life.  So my wife, Noreen, and I volunteer at our church, we work with young adults.  What are you doing to make the world a better place?  Why not volunteer at a worthy church or charity!

We live in a world that can be cynical, is often broken, and in great need. Let’s encourage each other to give someone a hand! There is somebody or an organization waiting right now for your help.

To all of you who have or who will be purchasing a SEASOFT™ or WATERMARK™ product in 2019, thank you. We appreciate your trust and enthusiasm for our products.

Safe diving to you and yours,

Bruce Justinen


Seasoft Scuba Gear Inc.