SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic SPRAY for wetsuits, BCs & other personal gear!

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Why should you buy SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleanser?

Because you know what you sometimes do in their wetsuit!  ... and sometimes the odor can be strong enough to knock a bird out of the air.

This is where cleaners with enzymes and special detergents and top-secret ingredients come into our lives and save us!

SEASOFT’s Lemon GrenAIDE™ is the newest and most amazing entry into this fight to save our noses and our sanity!  It is an enzymatic cleaner that not only kills the most foul odors, it cleans; and then when it’s finished it leaves behind a pleasing real lemon fragrance.

Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleaner leaves that luscious fragrance behind because the “secret formula” is 15% REAL lemon juice!  Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial.

SEASOFT uses powerful enzymes that destroy the kind of bacteria found in wetsuits, drysuits, gear bags that have been forgotten over the weekend, camping gear, pet beds, booties that could walk by themselves, horse blankets and other stinky things, yet was gentle enough to protect the fabrics themselves.

Lemon GrenAIDE™ is engineered to be used in "h-e" front load as well as normal washing machines on the gentle cycle.   You simply use Lemon GrenAIDE™ instead of your normal detergent.  For a yummy lemony fragrance, limit the rinse cycle.

IMPORTANT: NEVER put a wetsuit or drysuit in the dryer, always hang to dry.  Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations on other products. 

You can also manually soak an item that needs to be treated in Lemon GrenAIDE™, use .34 of the bottle to 10 gallons of water and soak for at least 15 minutes to allow the enzymes to work.  You can choose whether to rinse or not.  For a fresh lemon fragrance, do not rinse.

Lemon GrenAIDE™ conquers the stink associated with all the abuse we heap on scuba wear and sporting equipment.  If it can’t be new any longer it might as well be clean and smell amazing!


SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic SPRAY for wetsuits, BCs & other personal gear!

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    Lemon GrenAIDE™ Spray

    Most divers are familiar with SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ enzymatic cleaner but not with SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY.

    As you know Lemon GrenAIDE™ is famous for containing special enzymes that kill the bacteria that causes the nastiest of odors; but it also contains special shampoos that clean your gear AND of course, the wonderful smell of fresh lemons that it leaves behind.

    What makes Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY so awesome is that it is formulated to kill bacteria while you are actually using the product.  Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY includes an extra dose of our special enzymes.  This means you can spray Lemon GrenAIDE™ into your booties, under the arms and between the legs of your drysuit or wetsuit or other gear and KNOW that is is killing the nastiest odors while you are WEARING YOUR SUIT!  Then it leaves the wonderful smell of fresh lemons for you and those around you, this is one way to keep your dive buddies.


    Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY, it should be in your dive bag!

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