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  1. SEASOFT Replacement Batteries for RAYGUN-R™ Rechargeable Flashlight

    SEASOFT Replacement Batteries for RAYGUN-R™ Rechargeable Flashlight


    The original Lithium Ion replacement batteries (3.7V 18000 mAh) for the SEASOFT RAYGUN-R Rechargeable Flashlight.  Set of TWO.

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  2. Lights NOT included

    SEASOFT Flashlight Pockets with Retractor & Stainless Steel line - 2 Sizes



    Once you own a SEASOFT Flashlight Pocket™ and find how:

    1.effortless it is to use your flashlight.

    2. easy it is to put it away.

    3. you'll never have to worry about losing your light. 

    4. you'll easily be able to disconnect your light and hand it to a friend if needed.

    4. you will truly never dive without a SEASOFT Fashlight Pocket again.


    1.  Tough CORDURA case with hard polycarbon plastic backing on all sides.

    2.  Custom manufactured Stainless Steel Retractor with High Tension Retractor Strength.

    3.  Side release buckle where Flashlight and Retractor Line meet for easy disconnect if needed.

    4.  Two different methods of attaching to webbing - 1. Webbing thru loop or 2. Double fold over VELCRO™

    5.  Once you have a SEASOFT FLASHLIGHT POCKET™ you will never dive without one again!

    Always have a flashlight within easy reach with a SEASOFT Flashlight Pocket.  Included is our CUSTOM manufactured stainless steel retractor with HIGH TENSION RETRACTOR STRENGTH.  It will always hold your light.  Hold the SEASOFT Flashlight Pocket upside down, your flashlight will NOT come out until you want it to.  

    Two models are now available:

    1. Part #: 140-012 .75” to 1.5” fits the smaller aluminum flashlights of any length up to 12".

    2. Part #: 140-014 1.5” to 3” fits the SEASOFT RAYGUN Flashlight & lights like the UK SL3 & 4 & SL6.

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  3. RAYGUN-R: Re-Chargeable

    SEASOFT RAYGUN-R™ 300 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight


    The SEASOFT RAYGUN-R™ Rechargeable Flashlight is the rechargeable version of the RAYGUN with 300 Lumens, a free lanyard,  a polycarbonate case, and 2 special rechargeable batteries and a wall charger.

    The two batteries are twice the size (the two batteries are joined together to make one) and slightly higher in voltage than the regular lithium ion batteries used in the non-rechargeable RAYGUNS.   Because of this voltage difference, the LED circuitry is different so you cannot use these batteries in the regular RAYGUN flashlights.   

    And because you get TWO batteries you can use one battery in your RAYGUN-R™ while you charge the other.  NEVER pay for batteries OR run out of burn time. 

    There is also an optional car charger available, the car charger shown in the photo is not included in the reguar price.

    Available in Black or Yellow!

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  4. SEASOFT RAYGUN-S™ Strobe Orange

    SEASOFT RAYGUN-S™ Strobe Orange


    The SEASOFT RAYGUN-S™ Strobe Light is an expedition strength strobe light incorporating the bulletproof, polycarbonate case of the SEASOFT RAYGUN™ with a high intensity strobe light.

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    SEASOFT RAYGUN-W™ Wide Beam 300 Lumen Flashlight


    The SEASOFT RAYGUN-W™ Wide Beam Flashlight has a special lens that disperses the 300 lumens of light in a wide beam instead of the focused HIGH BEAM of the regular RAYGUN. This is a perfect light for those who like to see a wide field of vision on a night dive or who are looking for an inexpensive video light.

    The SEASOFT RAYGUN-W™ is virtually indestructible with an ultra strong polycarbonate case. 

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    SEASOFT RAYGUN Hi BEAM™ 300 Lumen Flashlights


    The SEASOFT RAYGUN Hi BEAM Flashlight™ is virtually indestructible with an ultra strong polycarbonate case.   We tested it by running it over with a truck and SUV several times, you will see the results soon on this website in the videos section.

    By using the latest LED circuitry we accomplished two things.

    • We created 300 lumens of light in the smallest package imaginable yet one that is brighter than many competitors’ big 8 battery primary lights with a handle.

    • We produced the whitest daylight spectrum of light for dazzling display of light (5,500-6,000 Kelvin) from a light that weighs only 6.5 oz. 

    Yes, that is correct, an indestructible case, 300 lumens, bright, white light, and a featherweight 6.5 oz. It almost seems impossible, but it’s not.   The SEASOFT RAYGUN Hi BEAM™ uses 2 Lithium Ion 123 batteries for 8 to 10 hours of burn time.  This is twice as long as most of the BIG lights.  So imagine using 2 small batteries instead of 16 big ones. 

    Whether you need a backup or primary light, the SEASOFT RAYGUN Hi BEAM™ will blow you away whether in tropical daylight or a Pacific Northwest night dive. The SEASOFT RAYGUN Hi BEAM™ has to be seen to be believed.


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