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  1. Inflator Assemblies 14" & 18"

    SEASOFT Buoyancy Compensator Inflator Assemblies


    SEASOFT's INFLATOR ASSEMBLY is rugged, easy to use, tough and inexpensive.  It's simple yet elegant, minimalist design has withstood the test of time and its performance is legendary.   There are many divers that choose this inflator over other "prettier" ones because they know that on that once in a lifetime trip this inflator is less likely to fail.

    The SEASOFT INFLATOR ASSEMBLY will fit most "alternate air sources" with or without an adaptor, check with your local SEASOFT Authorized Dealer for specific brands.  


    We recommend the 18" SEASOFT INFLATOR ASSEMBLY for those large divers who would be more comfortable with a longer inflator assembly.

    There is a two year warranty on SEASOFT's INFLATOR ASSEMBLY for materials and workmanship.

    IMPORTANT:  Unless you have been trained and instructed to do so, we highly recommend that you allow your local SEASOFT Authorized Dealer or other trained person to attach your SEASOFT INFLATOR ASSEMBLY to your BC.

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    SEASOFT ORANGE MESH Weight Pockets


    These handy mesh pockets fit inside the pockets of the SEASOFT PRO™ and SEALION™ BCs, the SEAWOLF Weight Harness™, and the QUIK DITCH Weight Pockets™.  

    They have sturdy zippers and hold up to 15 lbs. of soft weights. Attached handles allow you to easily take your weight pockets out as required.

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  3. SEASOFT's "RANGER" Gear Bag with 4 exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket

    SEASOFT's "RANGER" Gear Bag with 4 exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket


    Why should you buy SEASOFT's "RANGER" Dive Gear Duffle Bag?

    You buy the "RANGER" because you love your dive gear to be organized.  It is easy when you have a huge main cavity and two big end pockets and a really big front pocket and a nice mesh pocket for throw-ins like a water bottle.  The "RANGER" has thought of everything with an interior pocket for de-fog, wax lubricants and other accessories.  Never have a jumbled mess again.  

    Organize it and carry it in comfort with the SEASOFT "RANGER" Dive Gear Duffle Bag.

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    SEASOFT’s SEAVUE 2 fl. oz. Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal™ Features

    • The only mask scrub to be engineered to work with ALL dive masks.

    • Works with Anti-reflective Coatings.

    • Includes both Calcium Carbonate and Natural Flaxseed Meal for maximum yet

    gently lens cleaning.

    • Will not scratch glass.

    • No need to push down hard, gently clean with easy pressure in circular motions.

    • Rinses away with warm, clear water.

    • Pleasing “Pina Colada” scent.

    • Easy to use 2 fl oz. size.

    SEASOFT’s SEAVUE Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal™ Specifications

    Product                               A Mask Scrub engineered to work with ALL dive masks.

    Mask Types                        Regular dive lenses, Anti-reflective coated lenses.

    Residues Removed           • mold release residues

                                              • chemical compounds

                                              • compounds left behind by assembly people

                                              • the uneven application of metal oxides that comprise the Anti-reflective Coatings

    Active Ingredients             Calcium Carbonate and Natural Flaxseed Meal in a mild detergent.

    Application                        Gentle application of mask scrub in circular motions

    Scent                                Pleasing “Pina Colada” scent.

    Size                                  2 fl. oz. (60 ml)

    Manufacturer’s Part #      501-808

    MSRP                              $4.29

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  5. SEASOFT's SeaGLU 2oz. Wetsuit Adhesive and SEAGLU Repair Kit

    SEASOFT's SeaGLU 2oz. Wetsuit Adhesive and SEAGLU Repair Kit


    Why should you buy SEASOFT's SeaGLU or SeaGLU Repair Kit?

    SEASOFT's SeaGLU™ is the the adhesive used by the world's best manufacturers to make their wetsuits and other neoprene products.  It is simply the best.  We have been using this adhesive here at SEASOFT for more than 20 years and we know you will have the same success we do.  SeaGLU™ is an easy to use and quick to set up adhesive that works with all watersport neoprene.

    From Bruce Justinen, president of SEASOFT SCUBA, "More than 20 years ago I was diving in Canada and tore my neoprene drysuit.  A fellow diver handed me a jar of black neoprene glue and I repaired my suit.  I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how fast it cured.  Now a couple of decades later this Canadian company is recognized as the premier manufacturer of wetsuit and drysuit glues in the world.  Having made continuous upgrades to their glues over that long period of time their glues are used by most of the best wetsuit and drysuit companies.  We now are selling that same wetsuit adhesive: SeaGLU™ is available to you."

    SeaGLU™ is a fantastic adhesive that comes packaged in a metal container with an integrated brush built into the handle.  SeaGLU™ has a long shelf life due to the metal container that does not allow the glue solvents to migrate through the walls like they do in plastic containers.  Just keep the lid tightly closed.

    There is a detailed video on that describes, in detail, how to use the repair kit to fix a tear in a wetsuit or drysuit.  You can find it at:  

    You can also find it in the video section of this website.

    Part #: 003-014  SeaGLU 2 oz. Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive in metal can with integrated brush

                003-015 REPAIR KIT  - SeaGLU™ 2 oz. Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive with a 6" x 6" 3.5 mm high quality neoprene patch.


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    Smoked salmon can be enjoyed for up to 4 years if the vacuum seal has not been broken and the package has not been exposed to extreme temperatures.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Do not consume if you have any doubts concerning the integrity of the packaging.

    Once one of the vacuum sealed pouches is opened it is safe to eat the salmon for the next 7 days but keep the salmon refrigerated between meals or snacks.

    Call SEASOFT SCUBA at (253) 939-5510 if you have any questions or comments.


    There are dozens of ways to eat SEASOFT's NORTHWEST WILD CAUGHT SMOKED SALMON; the favorite probably being right out of the vacuum sealed pouch.  The mixture of th salt and sweet mixed with the rich flavor of salmon that has never been frozen will delight your taste buds.  You can also enjoy it on crackers on artisan breads, and in sauces either as an addition or as the main ingredient.  The internet will supply you with endless explorations of taste for SEASOFT's NORTHWEST WILD CAUGHT SMOKED SALMON.  Enjoy!

     If you are in any way dissatisfied with your SEASOFT NORTHWEST SMOKED WILD SALMON, we will replace it at no charge,

     just return the unused portion to :


    8294 28th Court NE Suite 600 8294 28th Court NE Suite 600

    Olympia, WA 98516 Olympia, WA

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  7. SEASOFT's Environmentally Sealed Lead Shot SEABAGS!!!

    SEASOFT's Environmentally Sealed Lead Shot SEABAGS!!!


    Why should you buy these SEASOFT SEABAGS™?

    SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are our ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED lead shot filled bags made of super strong, high-density neoprene.  No more poisonous lead slurry pouring out of your lead shot bags.

    These bags are closed with an industrial serger sewing machine and straight-stitched with a walking foot sewing sewing machine for extra strength. These 5 threads of thick 100% nylon protect the seams from opening up, even with rough treatment.  Go ahead and throw a SEABAG into the ground, it won't break open! Thety are guaranteed for 2 years against the seams coming open!

    ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED LEAD SHOT: All of the Size 7.5 lead shot that goes into all SEASOFT’s lead products is coated with A SPECIAL CATALYST, that when it encounters graphite, creates a hard graphite shell to ensure that you and the environment is protected.  SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are built to easily fit into weight-integrated BCs and its other weight carrying products because it is so soft and pliable.  

    SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 lb. sizes.  Now, NEW 1 lb. SEABAGS!

    CARE: SEABAGS should be dried with the main seam facing down to allow any water inside the SEABAG to drain out.  The graphite shell will protect your lead from corrosion for years as long as you protect the graphite from long exposure to water.  You must rinse and immediately drain the SEABAGS with the seam down.  If not the lead will start to oxidize in about 2 years!  Help us help you - rinse and drain!

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  8. SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic SPRAY for wetsuits, BCs & other personal gear!

    SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic SPRAY for wetsuits, BCs & other personal gear!


    Why should you buy SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleanser?

    Because you know what you sometimes do in their wetsuit!  ... and sometimes the odor can be strong enough to knock a bird out of the air.

    This is where cleaners with enzymes and special detergents and top-secret ingredients come into our lives and save us!

    SEASOFT’s Lemon GrenAIDE™ is the newest and most amazing entry into this fight to save our noses and our sanity!  It is an enzymatic cleaner that not only kills the most foul odors, it cleans; and then when it’s finished it leaves behind a pleasing real lemon fragrance.

    Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleaner leaves that luscious fragrance behind because the “secret formula” is 15% REAL lemon juice!  Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial.

    SEASOFT uses powerful enzymes that destroy the kind of bacteria found in wetsuits, drysuits, gear bags that have been forgotten over the weekend, camping gear, pet beds, booties that could walk by themselves, horse blankets and other stinky things, yet was gentle enough to protect the fabrics themselves.

    Lemon GrenAIDE™ is engineered to be used in "h-e" front load as well as normal washing machines on the gentle cycle.   You simply use Lemon GrenAIDE™ instead of your normal detergent.  For a yummy lemony fragrance, limit the rinse cycle.

    IMPORTANT: NEVER put a wetsuit or drysuit in the dryer, always hang to dry.  Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations on other products. 

    You can also manually soak an item that needs to be treated in Lemon GrenAIDE™, use .34 of the bottle to 10 gallons of water and soak for at least 15 minutes to allow the enzymes to work.  You can choose whether to rinse or not.  For a fresh lemon fragrance, do not rinse.

    Lemon GrenAIDE™ conquers the stink associated with all the abuse we heap on scuba wear and sporting equipment.  If it can’t be new any longer it might as well be clean and smell amazing!


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    The SEASOFT VISIONMASTER Super Mask™ is our top of the line two-lens SUPER Mask with HGG GLASS™ and CRYSTAL ARC™ lenses which delivers unsurpassed vision, fit and comfort especially in adverse visibility.

    The amazing FITZ™ full liquid crystal silicone design, with its flarable skirt, delivers an unsurpassed comfortable, watertight fit on most faces.

    The SEASOFT VISIONMASTER Super Masks™ are our most aesthetically beautiful masks and the colors and color combinations are truly breathtaking.

    The SEASOFT VISIONMASTER Super Mask™ colors match those of the SEASOFT SEAGUARD Snorkels™!

    The SEASOFT VISIONMASTER Super Mask™ comes with:

    • FREE deluxe SEASOFT soft mask case

    • FREE SEASOFT SEA-DIAL Ratcheting Mask Strap for a perfect, comfortable and watertight fit.

    • FREE SEASOFT SEAVUE™ 2 oz. Anti-fog Spray


    The SEASOFT VISIONMASTER Super Mask™ along with the SEASOFT SEAGARD Snorkels™ are our best selling mask and snorkel sets.

    IMPORTANT:  All masks with ARC - Anti-reflective Coatings - cannot be prepared the traditional way using "toothpaste or other abrasive cleaners".   The coatings, though they are made of metal oxides, can be irreparably harmed using abrasive preparation pastes or gels.  Instead, clean the mask lenses using a dishwashing soap and water.  Your mask lenses have been prepared at the factory and should only need this preparatory cleaning.  If  you have any questions or problems, email SEASOFT at

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  10. SEASOFT's DELUXE SOFT MASK CASE with included 2 oz. SEAVUE Anti-fog Spray

    SEASOFT's DELUXE SOFT MASK CASE with included 2 oz. SEAVUE Anti-fog Spray


    Why should you buy SEASOFT's DELUXE MASK CASE with included 2 oz. SEAVUE Anti-fog Spray?

    SEASOFT's Deluxe Mask Case is the most intuitive, easy to use, protective and convenient mask case a diver or snorkelor can buy.  Its soft padded sides protect your mask from falling gear or if you drop it by accident and, of course, it protects the lenses from being scratched.  The integrated anti-fog pocket comes loaded with a 2 oz. bottle of SEAVUE anti-fog spray.  It's so convenient and keeps you from having to search needlessly for your anti-fog when you most need it.

    You will really appreciate the fact that the SEASOFT Deluxe Mask Case will hold your mask WITH the snorkel attached.  That's right, you don't have to remove the snorkel to use the mask case, just pop it in and your mask is protected.

    The SEASOFT Deluxe Mask Case has the traditional dive flag and the new ALPHA blue and white dive flag on the left side, so you are prepared for international travel. 

    So protect your mask, have your SEAVUE anti-fog within easy reach and to have both dive flags proudly displayed with a SEASOFT Deluxe Mask Case.

    Part #: 501-907

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