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    SEASOFT ORANGE MESH Weight Pockets


    These handy mesh pockets fit inside the pockets of the SEASOFT PRO™ and SEALION™ BCs, the SEAWOLF Weight Harness™, and the QUIK DITCH Weight Pockets™.  

    They have sturdy zippers and hold up to 15 lbs. of soft weights. Attached handles allow you to easily take your weight pockets out as required.

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  2. SEASOFT's "RANGER" Gear Bag with 4 exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket

    SEASOFT's "RANGER" Gear Bag with 4 exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket


    Why should you buy SEASOFT's "RANGER" Dive Gear Duffle Bag?

    You buy the "RANGER" because you love your dive gear to be organized.  It is easy when you have a huge main cavity and two big end pockets and a really big front pocket and a nice mesh pocket for throw-ins like a water bottle.  The "RANGER" has thought of everything with an interior pocket for de-fog, wax lubricants and other accessories.  Never have a jumbled mess again.  

    Organize it and carry it in comfort with the SEASOFT "RANGER" Dive Gear Duffle Bag.

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    Why should you buy a pair of SEASOFT TACTICAL TRIM POCKETS?

    Sometimes you only need 5 to 10 lbs. of ditchable weight because of the gear you are wearing.  Each of the TACTICAL TRIM POCKETS™ holds up to 5 lbs. of soft weight and allows a diver to add up to 10 lbs. of ditchable weight to their dive gear.   

    IMPORTANT: Never add more than one pair of ditchable trim pockets to your gear.

    SEASOFT TACTICAL TRIM POCKETS™ mount with overlapping 2" VELCRO™ bands that are held in place by being against the body of the diver.  

    IMPORTANT:  TO DITCH YOUR WEIGHTS - PULL the YELLOW handles straight down! 

    Divers should always practice ditching their weights:

    1. On dry land occasionally.

    2. In shallow water occasionally.

    3. By mentally running through the ditching motion before every dive.

    This will acclimate you to be prepared to ditch your weights in any emergency should it arise during a dive.  

     If ditching your weights is not completely ingrained into your subconscious then you are simply no prepared to dive safely.  

    SEASOFT TACTICAL TRIM POCKETS™  can be turned "upside down" and used as trim pockets and mounted on your tank straps or anywhere. 

    SEASOFT's TACTICAL TRIM POCKETS™ are an easy way to add up to 10 lbs. of ditchable weight to your gear. 

    Part #: 201-008T

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  4. SEASOFT TX3™ Drysuit

    SEASOFT TX3™ Drysuits


    The SEASOFT TX3™ is our best selling drysuit, the one that beat the expensive suits:

    • 3.5 mm SUPERSTRETCH™ Neoprene with two layers of Titanium Flake Foil™ for comfort and warmth.

    • SEASOFT STEALTH™ booties with elevated heel and arch supports for unsurpassed stability, warmth and kicking ability.

    • Front and back - one piece of neoprene, no cross seam in the crotch, this eliminates the place where most suits leak.

    • Si-Tech intake and exhaust valves, everyone knows they make the best!

    • Forearm mounted exhaust valve vent 5 TIMES faster than a shoulder dump valve making buoyancy control easy and quick!

    • Raglan sleeves for more freedom of movement AND allows air to move freely to the exhaust valve.

    • STRETCHTEX Seals™  are warmer, more reliable, and more comfortable.  The neck and wrist seals roll under - the air inside the roll trying to "escape" creates a waterproof seal.

    • Kneepads that are the best in the industry.

    • With/without the optional ALASKA Undergarment™ you can dive from 80º to 32º F.

    More information below!

    NOW includes your choice of SEASOFT's Colored Chest and Arm decals (Gray, Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink), One 1.5" walled pocket, and our Deluxe Suspenders!

    TX3 was picked as a BEST BUY by SCUBALAB


    IMPORTANT: It is rare for us to recommend a woman's cut. Unless the bust and hips of the woman buying the women's cut drysuit match the bust and hips built into the drysuit her NEW drysuit could be very uncomfortable.  With today's fabrics, and the stretch found in the neoprene that SEASOFT uses, we have found that MOST women are more comfortable in a Men's Drysuit Pattern because the hips and chest allow for freedom of movement in these areas.

    It should also be noted that a higher percentage of women would be more comfortable in a custom suit.  Contact us to order a Custom Drysuit!

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  5. SEASOFT RAYGUN-S™ Strobe Orange

    SEASOFT RAYGUN-S™ Strobe Orange


    The SEASOFT RAYGUN-S™ Strobe Light is an expedition strength strobe light incorporating the bulletproof, polycarbonate case of the SEASOFT RAYGUN™ with a high intensity strobe light.

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  6. SEASOFT Trim Pockets  (Pair)

    SEASOFT Trim Pockets (Pair)


    When adding weights to your gear, either on a tank strap, weight belt or weight harness, this is the cleanest, easiest way to go. 

    SEASOFT Trim Pockets hold up to 5 lb. each with drain holes in the bottom and a huge VELCRO flap to keep the weights in place. The back of the SEASOFT Trim Pockets are designed to either be mounted directly onto 2” webbing with a webbed loop or a fold over VELCRO flap that folds over itself for a secure fit. 

    Sold in pairs.

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    Once in a while a product comes along and defines what everyone else has been trying to do!

    The SEASOFT  “ONE” Tactical Accessory Pocket™, manufactured in the United States, is that one pocket that slides onto the 2” webbing of your plate and wing, achieving virtually every task that would take 2 or 3 other pockets to accomplish.

    First of all, it is the right size, not too big and clunky like some of those giant pockets.  The  “ONE” TACTICAL ACCESSORY POCKET™ is 8” wide by 9” high and can accept objects up to 6.5” deep.  You could carry a spare mask, a reel, and a length of rope AT THE SAME TIME in the compact space!  It does all this while weighing in at 8 oz.

    Next up it multitasks!  Not only does it have a huge pocket but also a built in GOODY-BAG with a drawstring.  This goody-bag measures a healthy 7” wide by 12” long and is constructed of strong nylon mesh.

    There is a full 2” Stainless extended length D-ring bar-tacked to 2” weight belt webbing, encompassing 80% of the body of the pocket for stability and strength.

    The two nickel–plated grommets will allow you to mount a dive knife, well below the zipper, so that you have one easily available when needed.

    SEASOFT uses only #10 zippers because of their robust size, strength, functionality, and longevity.  There is another nickel-plated grommet at the bottom to allow drainage when exiting the water.

    If you have been searching for that ONE pocket to wear with your gear, this is probably it. It’s the right size, performing at a level others simply can’t match. 

    SEASOFT’s “ONE” Tactical Accessory Pocket, when you want only ONE pocket, but you want it to do so much more.

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  8. Quickditch Pocket

    SEASOFT QUIK DITCH Weight Pockets™


    If you dive a back-plate and wing AND you need weight pockets, these should be your only choice!

    The SEASOFT QUIK DITCH™ Weight Pockets™ can be mounted on any 2” webbing.  They are secured with 2 “weight keepers” or slides, which are already attached to the pocket.  Weave the webbing thru the slides and sleeve and it is mounted for unsurpassed security and comfort.  

    The SEASOFT QUIK DITCH™ Weight Pockets™ ditch from the bottom by pulling the handle down and weights are put in from the top.  The release mechanism features a sealed spring inside a reinforced casing to prevent any foul up from sand or any other debris. 

    Each pocket will hold up to 15 lbs. of weights and has built-in grommet holes to secure a knife to the pocket without interfering with the ditching mechanism.  If you need pockets for your Back-Plate and Wings, nothing beats the QUIK DITCH Weight Pockets™!

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  9. SEASOFT's Environmentally Sealed Lead Shot SEABAGS!!!

    SEASOFT's Environmentally Sealed Lead Shot SEABAGS!!!


    Why should you buy these SEASOFT SEABAGS™?

    SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are our ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED lead shot filled bags made of super strong, high-density neoprene.  No more poisonous lead slurry pouring out of your lead shot bags.

    These bags are closed with an industrial serger sewing machine and straight-stitched with a walking foot sewing sewing machine for extra strength. These 5 threads of thick 100% nylon protect the seams from opening up, even with rough treatment.  Go ahead and throw a SEABAG into the ground, it won't break open! Thety are guaranteed for 2 years against the seams coming open!

    ENVIRONMENTALLY SEALED LEAD SHOT: All of the Size 7.5 lead shot that goes into all SEASOFT’s lead products is coated with A SPECIAL CATALYST, that when it encounters graphite, creates a hard graphite shell to ensure that you and the environment is protected.  SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are built to easily fit into weight-integrated BCs and its other weight carrying products because it is so soft and pliable.  

    SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 lb. sizes.  Now, NEW 1 lb. SEABAGS!

    CARE: SEABAGS should be dried with the main seam facing down to allow any water inside the SEABAG to drain out.  The graphite shell will protect your lead from corrosion for years as long as you protect the graphite from long exposure to water.  You must rinse and immediately drain the SEABAGS with the seam down.  If not the lead will start to oxidize in about 2 years!  Help us help you - rinse and drain!

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  10. Lights NOT included

    SEASOFT Flashlight Pockets with Retractor & Stainless Steel line - 2 Sizes


    Always have a flashlight within easy reach with a SEASOFT Flashlight Pocket.  

    Two models are now available:

    1. Part #: 140-012 .75” to 1.5” fits our SEAGUN or lights like the INTOVA size lights.

    2. Part #: 140-014 1” to 2” fits the SEASOFT RAYGUN Flashlight & lights like the UK SL3 & 4 & SL6.

    Once you can use your light so effortlessly, put it away with ease, never lose it, you will truly never dive without a flashlight pocket again.

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