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  1. STEALTH 6 mm Booties

    SEASOFT STEALTH™ 6 mm Athletic Dive Footwear with elevated heel & orthotics!


    Here is a video by the designer of the Ti STEALTH™, Bruce Justinen, President of SEASOFT SCUBA.

    SEASOFT's Ti STEALTH™ 6 mm Booties, the best athletic dive footwear money can buy.  Here is a quote from many of the on-line boot comparisons for SEASOFT's athletic dive footwear.  The ON-LINE comparison is quoted below:

    "This boot (the SEASOFT Ti STEALTH) does everything right."  

    "The SEASOFT STEALTH™ is one of the more rugged boots in a group of rugged contenders. This boot does everything right. Climb into a pair of STEALTHs and you can confidently carry your gear up and down stairs or over rocks. The arch support provides stability and supports the foot and ankle. An elevated heel contributes to comfort and eases foot strain on those long hikes to the water’s edge under a heavy load.

    The beefy outsole virtually eliminates flex and compression, and when fitted inside a fin it minimizes the up and down motion of the foot while kicking. According to SEASOFT, this design was also intended to eliminate foot cramping while diving. So confident is the company that they actually offer a money-back guarantee—if you get cramps, they will either send you another pair to try, or you can return the boots for a refund.

     This is an email we received from a US Air Force Fighter Pilot:

    “I am a combat Strike Eagle pilot of 34 years...They started stuffing pairs of SEASOFT Ti STEALTH Booties in the survival vest I trained with...we had a 17 day long ordeal in a nasty saltwater marsh environment of run, hide and wait for an extraction.

    The ONLY thing on my entire body that came out “OK” after that extreme wet and prolonged exposure was my feet and I was wearing a pair of SEASOFT Ti STEALTH Booties the entire time...I amTOTALLY sold on these booties at any price.”

    Donny H. USAF

    SEASOFT's Ti STEALTH Booties are the state of the art in not only dive booties but water sport footwear including jet skiiing, boating, dockwear and other situations requiring good athletic footwear around water.

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  2. FAQ about SEASOFT Drysuits!

    FAQ about SEASOFT Drysuits!


    The SEASOFT Drysuits are the ones that beat the expensive suits:

    More information below!

    SEASOFT TX3 TOP CHOICE by SCUBA LAB - BEST BUY (SEASOFT TX (1.5 mm added for more warmth))


    IMPORTANT: It is rare for us to recommend a woman's cut. Unless the bust and hips of the woman buying the women's cut drysuit match the bust and hips built into the drysuit her NEW drysuit could be very uncomfortable.  With today's fabrics, and the stretch found in the neoprene that SEASOFT uses, we have found that MOST women are more comfortable in a Men's Drysuit Pattern because the hips and chest allow for freedom of movement in these areas.

    It should also be noted that a higher percentage of women would be more comfortable in a custom suit.  Contact us to order a Custom Drysuit!


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