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  1. SEASOFT's SeaGLU 2oz. Wetsuit Adhesive and SEAGLU Repair Kit

    SEASOFT's SeaGLU 2oz. Wetsuit Adhesive and SEAGLU Repair Kit


    Why should you buy SEASOFT's SeaGLU or SeaGLU Repair Kit?

    SEASOFT's SeaGLU™ is the the adhesive used by the world's best manufacturers to make their wetsuits and other neoprene products.  It is simply the best.  We have been using this adhesive here at SEASOFT for more than 20 years and we know you will have the same success we do.  SeaGLU™ is an easy to use and quick to set up adhesive that works with all watersport neoprene.

    From Bruce Justinen, president of SEASOFT SCUBA, "More than 20 years ago I was diving in Canada and tore my neoprene drysuit.  A fellow diver handed me a jar of black neoprene glue and I repaired my suit.  I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how fast it cured.  Now a couple of decades later this Canadian company is recognized as the premier manufacturer of wetsuit and drysuit glues in the world.  Having made continuous upgrades to their glues over that long period of time their glues are used by most of the best wetsuit and drysuit companies.  We now are selling that same wetsuit adhesive: SeaGLU™ is available to you."

    SeaGLU™ is a fantastic adhesive that comes packaged in a metal container with an integrated brush built into the handle.  SeaGLU™ has a long shelf life due to the metal container that does not allow the glue solvents to migrate through the walls like they do in plastic containers.  Just keep the lid tightly closed.

    There is a detailed video on that describes, in detail, how to use the repair kit to fix a tear in a wetsuit or drysuit.  You can find it at:  

    You can also find it in the video section of this website.

    Part #: 003-014  SeaGLU 2 oz. Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive in metal can with integrated brush

                003-015 REPAIR KIT  - SeaGLU™ 2 oz. Wetsuit, Seal and Neoprene Adhesive with a 6" x 6" 3.5 mm high quality neoprene patch.


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  2. SEASOFT Mask Strap (does not include mask)

    SEASOFT (Clam Shell) 6 mm Mask Strap


    The SEASOFT Mask Strap is designed to leave your current mask strap in place.   Instead of replacing your mask strap you take your mask strap and place it into the open clam-shell between the 2 layers of 3 mm DINA-HIDE™ neoprene and then close it, giving you a nice comfortable, cushy fit.

    1. This extra thick neoprene helps your SEASOFT Mask Strap float your mask if it is accidentally knocked off or dropped.  

    2. It also is great for keeping your hair from getting tangled in the rubber strap.  

    3. Another advantage is that with the SEASOFT Mask Strap's large neoprene strap, your mask is being pulled evenly from the top and bottom giving you a more comfortable, waterproof fit!

    4. When wearing a hood, it is also easier to tell whether your mask is mounted correctly.  Often with a split rubber strap, it is difficult to tell whether the straps are tangled or crossed at the back.  

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    The SEASOFT DELTA FORCE Super Mask™ is an extremely lightweight frameless single lens mask design that is coveted and used by the US military and other elite armed forces around the world.  

    Like the best riflescopes, the lenses of the SEASOFT DELTA FORCE Super Masks™ are manufactured with ULTRA CLEAR HGG Glass™ and CRYSTAL ARC™ metal oxide coatings for unsurpassed optical clarity even in the most challenging visibility.

    Your SEASOFT DELTA FORCE Super Mask™ comes with:

    • FREE SEASOFT Deluxe Soft Case

    • FREE 2 oz. bottle of SEASOFT’s SEAVUE™ Anti-Fog Spray

    • FREE SEASOFT neoprene "clamshell" Mask Strap

    • SEASOFT's LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY; if it breaks, it’s replaced, this includes GLASS BREAKAGE. 

    Available in All BLACK and All CLEAR.

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    The SEASOFT ULTRA DIVE Super Mask™ is our top of the line frameless single lens SUPER Mask with HGG GLASS™ and a CRYSTAL ARC™ lens that provides a diver with the fit, comfort and clarity that is unsurpassed.  

    The HGG Glass™ is a special type of glass that has most of the impurities extracted from it and the CRYSTAL ARC™ coatings are ultra-thin metal oxide coatings similar those found on expensive riflescopes and camera lenses that allow more light to reach your eyes.  Because more light reaches your eyes, more of the image does too.

    The amazing FITZ™ full liquid crystal silicone design, with a flarable skirt, delivers an unsurpassed comfortable, watertight fit for the medium to x-large face. Most divers will think the SEASOFT ULTRA DIVE Mask™ was designed for them!

    Your SEASOFT ULTRA DIVE Super Mask™ comes with:

    • FREE SEASOFT Deluxe Soft Case

    Your choice of SEASOFT's Neoprene Clamshell Mask Strap or the SEA-DIAL™ ratcheting mask strap.

    • FREE 2 oz. bottle of SEASOFT’s SEAVUE™ Anti-fog Spray

    • SEASOFT's LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY, never worry about a broken mask again. 

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