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    Here is a short video on SEASOFT's SEAVUE Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal!

    SEASOFT’s SEAVUE 2 fl. oz. Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal™ Features:

    • The only mask scrub to be engineered to work with ALL dive masks.  

    • Works with Anti-reflective Coatings.

    • Includes both Calcium Carbonate and Natural Flaxseed Meal for maximum yet gently lens cleaning.

    • Will not scratch glass.

    • No need to push down hard, gently clean with easy pressure in circular motions.

    • Rinses away with warm, clear water.

    • Pleasing “Pina Colada” scent.

    • Easy to use 2 fl oz. size.

    SEASOFT’s SEAVUE Mask Scrub with Natural Flaxseed Meal™ Specifications


    A Mask Scrub engineered to work with ALL dive masks.

    Mask Types:    

    Regular dive lenses, Anti-reflective coated lenses.

    Residues Removed:

    • mold release residues

    • chemical compounds

    • compounds left behind by assembly people

    • the uneven application of metal oxides that comprise Anti-reflective Coatings

    Active Ingredients:    

    Calcium Carbonate and Natural Flaxseed Meal in a mild detergent.


    Gentle application of mask scrub in circular motions


    Pleasing “Pina Colada” scent.


    2 fl. oz. (60 ml)

    Manufacturer’s Part #:


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  2. SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ 8 oz. Enzymatic SPRAY for drysuits, wetsuits, BCs & other personal gear!

    SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ 8 oz. Enzymatic SPRAY for drysuits, wetsuits, BCs & other personal gear!


    Check out this short video about Lemon GrenAIDE 8 oz. Enzymatic Spray:

    Why should you buy SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™  8 oz. Enzymatic Spray?

    Most divers are familiar with SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ enzymatic cleaner but not with SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY.

    As you know Lemon GrenAIDE™ is famous for containing special enzymes that kill the bacteria that causes the nastiest of odors; but it also contains special shampoos that clean your gear AND of course, the wonderful smell of fresh lemons that it leaves behind.  Lemon GrenAIDE Spray leaves out the shampoo but includes an extra dose of our special enzymes.  

    What makes Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY so awesome is that it is formulated to kill bacteria while you are actually using the product.  This means you can spray Lemon GrenAIDE™ into your booties, under the arms and between the legs of your drysuit or wetsuit or other gear and KNOW that is is killing the nastiest odors while you are actually WEARING YOUR SUIT!  Then it leaves the wonderful smell of fresh lemons for you and those around you. Keep noses happy everywhere!

    Lemon GrenAIDE™ SPRAY, it should be in your dive bag!

    Part #: 003-021 Lemon GrenAIDE 8 oz. Spray

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  3. SEAVUE 2 oz. Anti-fog Spray

    SEASOFT SEAVUE™ 2, 4 & 12 oz. Anti-fog Spray


    A video with information about SEAVUE Anti-fog Spray!

    SEASOFT's SEAVUE Anti-fog Spray is the best anti-fog spray that you will find.  There are a few key ingredients that go into an anti-fog spray or gel.  Some of them are expensive and some are relatively inexpensive.  You can guess which ones a lot of companies cut back on.  We want you to know that we never cut back on anything and you can count on us to make it the right way.

    SEAVUE is the only anti-fog egineered to work with ARC (anti-reflective coatings) found on higher end scuba masks.

    We think you will find SEASOFT's SEAVUE  Anti-fog Spray to perform as promised or we will take it back and give you 2 X the credit toward any other SEASOFT product.

    Important:  Never rinse off your SEAVUE™, leave it on after spraying it on the lens for fog free diving!

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    Once in a while a product comes along and defines what everyone else has been trying to do!

    The SEASOFT  “ONE” Tactical Accessory Pocket™, manufactured in the United States, is that one pocket that slides onto the 2” webbing of your plate and wing, achieving virtually every task that would take 2 or 3 other pockets to accomplish.

    First of all, it is the right size, not too big and clunky like some of those giant pockets.  The  “ONE” TACTICAL ACCESSORY POCKET™ is 8” wide by 9” high and can accept objects up to 6.5” deep.  You could carry a spare mask, a reel, and a length of rope AT THE SAME TIME in the compact space!  It does all this while weighing in at 8 oz.

    Next up it multitasks!  Not only does it have a huge pocket but also a built in GOODY-BAG with a drawstring.  This goody-bag measures a healthy 7” wide by 12” long and is constructed of strong nylon mesh.

    There is a full 2” Stainless extended length D-ring bar-tacked to 2” weight belt webbing, encompassing 80% of the body of the pocket for stability and strength.

    The two nickel–plated grommets will allow you to mount a dive knife, well below the zipper, so that you have one easily available when needed.

    SEASOFT uses only #10 zippers because of their robust size, strength, functionality, and longevity.  There is another nickel-plated grommet at the bottom to allow drainage when exiting the water.

    If you have been searching for that ONE pocket to wear with your gear, this is probably it. It’s the right size, performing at a level others simply can’t match. 

    SEASOFT’s “ONE” Tactical Accessory Pocket, when you want only ONE pocket, but you want it to do so much more.

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