SEASOFT's ABSI-LUBE™ Pure Silicone Spray with Conditioners

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A short video on SEASOFT'S ABSI-LUBE™ Pure Silicone Spray with Conditioners!

Why should you buy SEASOFT's ABSI-LUBE™ Pure Silicone Spray with Conditioners?

• Many manufacturers of silicone spray dilute their spray with water to make more money.  Instead of displacing water which is what silicone spray is designed to do it can actually cause rust on metal parts.  The water can also slow absorpsion of the silicone oil by the plastic, rubber and other compounds that would benefit from silicone oil

 • You cannot buy a more advanced silicone spray.

• Contains conditioners that maximize the absorption of silicone oil by O-rings and other vital parts.

•  A very efficient lubricant that will not damage moving parts especially in water.

•  A natural corrosion resistor and protector with UV protection from the sun's damaging rays.

• Dive and outdoor gear last longer because the conditioners protect rubber and synthetic parts.

We know that SEASOFT's ABSI-LUBE™ Silicone Spray costs a bit more than others but we promise you that you get so much more and when you buy a silicone spray don't you really wany one that works.  ABSI-LUBE™ does!

Part #: 003-002  8 fl oz.  ABSI-LUBE™ Pure Silicone Spray in an Aluminum Can with a non-fluorcarbon pump spray



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SEASOFT’s ABSI-LUBE™ Silicone Spray is a non-toxic, premium silicone spray containing conditioners that is formulated to specifically protect and enhance the performance of most dive equipment.

The pure silicone oil and special conditioners found in ABSI-LUBE™ Silicone Spray maximize the absorption of this oil by O-rings, rubber, neoprene, plastics and other materials that would benefit from its sealing, protective, and lubricating properties.  ABSI-LUBE™ Silicone Spray displaces water in all applications.

IMPORTANT: MANY silicone sprays are watered down!  One of the key aspects of silicone spray is its displacement of water.  It cannot do this properly if it has been mixed with a generous amount of water.  Some silicone sprays can actually cause RUST on metal parts.  ABSI-LUBE will NOT do this, it is NOT diluted with water.  Protect your gear and stay away from cheap, watery silicone sprays.  It isn't worth it!

ABSI-LUBE™ pure Silicone Spray is a fantastic lubricant because it will not damage moving parts like others can, especially parts that are sensitive to water. ABSI-LUBE™ is a natural corrosion resistor and protectant.

Dive and outdoor gear will last longer because the gentle conditioners in ABSI-LUBE™ protect rubber and synthetic parts against the sun and the environment with built in UV protectors.  This really helpsprotects seals, neoprene,booties, fins and other outdoor gar.Using ABSI-LUBE™ is a smart move that pays for itself.

Some uses for ABSI-LUBE™ Silicone Spray:

• Spray the interior of your BC inflator hose to protect the stainless springs and other parts inside.  Do this after every 4 to 10 dives.

• Lubricate your fins to make them easy to put on.  A simple squirt to the entry of each fin or top of boot is all that is needed.  Don't worry if they get wet, enough will still be present to do the job.

• Spray the seals of your neck, wrist and ankles of wetsuits or drysuits befor donning.  What a difference it can make.  They will last longer too!

• Spray any rubber or plastic parts of any of your gear once a month. This protects your gear from cracking, protects it from the sun, conditions the material and simply makes your gear last longer and work better.

• Spray all your zippers after you have washed them, they won't rust, get stiff, and they will stay loose and easy to use.

• ABSI-LUBE™ Silicone Spray has never met a squeaky car or household door it couldn't turn into a quiet friend.

• Everything you can do to your dive gear you can do to your other outdoor gear and around the house.  ABSI-LUBE™ works!

Part #: 003-002  8 fl oz.  Pure Silicone Spray in an Aluminum Can with a non-fluorocarbon pump spray

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