5 Reasons to Buy From
Your Local Dive Store

1. Expert Advice 
Odds are your dealer is a seasoned diver with years of dive 
experience. Take advantage of that experience and ask questions. 

2. Hands-on Inspection and Choices
Seeing a photo and reading a product description online is fine, but seeing, handling and asking questions about a product in person can't be beat. Considering a new mask, BC or drysuit? Nothing compares to having several models side by side and then trying them on. 

3. Need your tank filled or a rental? 
Try ordering 3,000 PSI of air or renting your gear over the internet!  Without your local dive store, there is no diving! So it's in your best interest to support your local dive store!

4. The Learning Experience 
Dive stores offer learning resources for both beginners and experienced divers.  These classes, pool sessions and open water dives will never be offered online.  You can't "deep dive" the internet! 

5. Deals 
Dive store owners like to keep their customers happy with great deals and personal service. Make a friend of your local dive store and dealer!  Support your local dive store and you will be surprised at how much they will support you if you give them the opportunity!