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The SEASOFT PRO BC™ is designed to fit you, and it fits because everything is adjustable: the length, the width and the height!  The patent pending design is amazing.  

1.  The cummerbund is adjustable up to 20 inches but what is so amazing is that this is a jacket style BC and yet the sides are low profile.

2.  Inside the BC, just under the cummerbund on either side is 1.5" webbing that is adjustable by pulling it through a slide.  That webbing is securely attached (it is welded) to the inside of the bladder to the part of the bladder that is against your body.  It can be adjusted by 8 inches on either side.  It gives you the ability to literally make the BC smaller on each side.

3.  But what locks in the fit is the split straps on the shoulder, there are two pull straps on each side.  When the diver pulls the front pull straps they are pulling the back of the PRO BC toward the front, when they pull the back pull straps (of the two straps), the diver is pulling the front of the BC toward the back.  These opposing forces create a BC that has a solid, no slip fit!  

4.  The PRO BC's length's adjustment is just under the huge lumbar support,  the shoulder straps actually run through the top of the BC to the back.  Two slides there allow the diver to adjust the length of the BC.

What all these adjustments mean is a BC that will fit you like no other!

Then you have: • Built-in flashlight pocket with a retractor and a SEASOFT 300 Lumen RAYGUN™ flashlight included at NO EXTRA Charge • Built in retractor and brass clip to secure your gauge console • Built to allow the addition of a steel dive plate and the use of double cylinders • Night time reflectors on both shoulders • Deluxe carrying handle • Multiple D-RINGS • Best Ditching Pockets with straight-down release • 30 lb. weight capacity, 40 lb. with optional trim pockets!

This is the perfect BC, so are you going to buy a great, innovative, super fitting, comfortable BC or a brand name built-like-everyone-else BC?

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Why should you buy a SEASOFT PRO BC?

The SEASOFT PRO BC™ is designed to fit you, NOT the other way around!  With the patent pending SEASOFT PRO BC™; everything is adjustable: the length, the width and of course, the way it fits your body.  

A custom fit, a perfect fit every time, no matter how tall you are or how much you weigh.   The SEASOFT PRO BC™ dives like a back inflation BC underwater and yet floats you like a jacket style on the surface!  And if you lose or gain weight or go from a 7 mm wetsuit to a skin, your SEASOFT PRO BC™ is so adjustable that it can easily be adjusted to cover more than 4 sizes of "the other guys" BCs.  Just make sure you buy yours within the range of your needs.

The SEASOFT PRO BC™ comes with two ditchable weight pockets that hold up to 15 lbs. each, pockets that ditch straight down with little effort, (yet won’t accidentally ditch).   These weight pockets are so easy and safe to use that we’re convinced that there’s nothing better found anywhere!  Optional, non-ditchable trim pockets (Part #: 201-004, they hold up to 5 lbs. each) can be added to the tank straps.

The SEASOFT PRO BC™ has an incredibly supportive, thick, comfortable, wide, lumbar support, a built in flashlight pocket with a SEASOFT RAYGUN High Beam 300 Lumen Flashlight connected to a retractor and has grommets built into each weight pocket to accommodate a knife (we recommend the SEASOFT “NITE-EDGE” Titanium Knife).   

It also comes with another retractor and a brass clip to keep your gauges within easy reach, two tank bands with stainless steel holdfasts, a valve strap, a very nice carrying handle, accommodates the use of double tanks, has numerous D-rings and has reflective tape at the shoulders.  That’s a lot of features!  

The most comfortable BC available anywhere – the SEASOFT PRO BC™ and at an incredible price!

There are so many BCs available, with more popular names and bigger advertising budgets.  But you won’t find a better value, a more comfortable fit or a safer, user friendly BC than the SEASOFT PRO BC™!

Part #:

SIZE:  Extra Small PRO BC: Fits 4XS to Large (fits 45 lbs. to 180 lbs.)  with 32 lbs. of LIFT;

SIZE:  Medium PRO BC: Fits 2XS to XLarge (fits 85 lbs. to 200 lbs.)  with 35 lbs. of LIFT;

SIZE:  Regular PRO BC: Fits S to 2XLarge (fits 125 lbs. to 250 lbs.)  with 42 lbs. of LIFT;

SIZE:  BIG PRO BC: Fits XL to 4XLarge (fits 250 to 475 lbs.) with 50 lbs. of LIFT;


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